hampshire gaming hub

Our ultimate goal is to bring all gamers in Hampshire and support all gamer friendly places in Hampshire. We're hoping that together Hampshire gaming groups can help each other to make Hampshire the UK gaming capital it can be. We also have a unique relationship with Bournemouth and list gaming located there on our website.

Frequently we are hired for events, we can offer a range of gaming entertainment with flexible prices.


We will be updating our various lists constantly so please check back!

We offer free advice to gaming groups, companies, developers and more.

We're also supported by Hampshire County Council.

Hampshire Gaming Hub - Southampton Game Fest 2016


The Hampshire Gaming Hub is a place for all things gaming in Hampshire. It was founded by Patrick Day-Childs AKA Custard Trout, a professional game journalist and video game tester living in Southampton.

Patrick has an impressive work portfolio, currently writing freelance for VGChartz which receives over 5 million hits per month, Patrick has also previously worked for several large scale websites and YouTube channels such as Pixel Enemy (over 100 million views on YouTube) and award winners Average Gamer and BeefJack.

Twitter: @custardtrout


The Hampshire Gaming Hub hosts a variety of tournaments for charity, as well as the Southampton Game Fest, the only large-scale event in Hampshire dedicated to video games.


We unite Hampshire to offer a huge range of services, such as event planning, programming, advertising, pretty much anything! Even hardware building or troubleshooting, including arcade machines.


By using the Hampshire Gaming Hub, you support all the local video game talent in Hampshire.